Pharmaceutical logistics and warehousing is related to the handling, transportation and chain management of multiple and different products and documentation, most of which require special conditions in their logistics processing and storage conditions in the warehouse. WOGEN PHARM® offers to customers everything necessary for the products to be delivered safely and to be in our warehouse in the required temperature regime and conditions.


In pharmaceutical logistics, adherence to transit regulations is crucial because total loss of delivered sensitive commodities is at risk. Regulatory compliance must be completely recorded for the same reasons. Wogen Pharm® is a constantly focused logistics partner for our clients that complies with GDP. We guarantee that your package will arrive promptly, safely, and with the appropriate paper trail thanks to our full IATA license.Personalized transportation options.

Every project is started from scratch by our skilled and GDP-trained crew, who then design a custom transport solution with the best packing, route, and transport. In some cases, we even offer real-time updates.

Along with all necessary papers for the shipping, we also offer precisely calibrated measurements and other specifics as needed.When it comes to complete support in the compilation of the required documents—dangerous goods documentation being a classic example—Wogen Pharm® is your dependable partner.

They will also walk you through all the approvals processes. Our team is knowledgeable with the ins and outs, as well as the obstacles, in all different nations and logistical settings. This specialized understanding enables us to streamline and accelerate the delivery process and always adhere to time and product specifications, even when it requires paying attention to details like sensitivity to changes in temperature or light.


Our own GDP compliant pharmaceutical logistics facility is located at Wogen Pharm® base in Ogre. Here, we can provide fully automated temperature control and specific hygiene requirements.

We provide the following ranges by default:

  • Temperature controllable in the room: +15 to +25°C
  • In the refrigerator: -2°C to +8°C
  • Cool: +8°C to +15 °C

In the odd occasion that the temperature changes, an alarm goes out, alerting everyone who needs to know.

Ideal fit for the supply chain:

We can enhance production capacity and adjust to the new requirements based on the needs of our customers. We can optimise the distribution network for each of your items by working closely with your team.

Temperature regulation on a global scale:

We maintain a global network of partners for point-of-delivery warehousing. By doing this, we can guarantee that every product is in top shape from beginning to end.